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April 16-20, 2017  .  Ningbo, China


LI WEN, China

Li Wen was born in Chongqing. He passed the entrance exams at the Technical College of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and studied there for four years. He then proceeded to study at the China Academy of Art (Zhejiang Academy of Art) at the Oil Painting Department. One year later, he was offered a full scholarship to study in Russia, at the Moscow Highest Academy of Crafts, also known as the Stroganov Academy, and after obtaining his Master’s Degree, he came back to China to teach at the China Academy of Art at the Oil Painting Department for four years. In 2003, he set up the Mural Painting Department. One year later, he had the chance to go to Prague as a visiting scholar to study at the Academy of Architecture and Design under the supervision of Professor Kopecky. This experience was a crucial turning point in his career and his introduction to the glass art field. By that time, he had already started setting up a glass studio at the College of Public Art, a new campus of the China Academy of Art.



SEQUENCE 2016 No.3, 2016, cast glass, 100x50x16 cm

THE GREAT VOID2, 2011, cast glass, 45x45x6 cm